Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to most places in Singapore. Please note that additional charges will apply to certain locations, including Changi, Jurong Island and Tuas.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?
Yes, please note that delivery service is only available with a minimum purchase of half-a-dozen cupcakes or a minimum spend of $25.

What are the delivery charges?
We offer the following delivery services:

Free delivery – Order by 6:30pm to enjoy free same-day delivery with a minimum spend of $48.

Standard Delivery – This guarantees delivery between 9am and 6pm but not at any specific time. We charge a flat rate of $15 per location for Standard Delivery.

Deadline Delivery – This guarantees delivery during a 1 hour time slot of your choice between 1pm and 6pm. Deadline Delivery is only available for advance orders and we charge $25 per location

Two-tiered cakes:
Delivery costs $35 with guaranteed delivery within a one-hour time slot of your choice.

Three-tiered cakes:
Delivery (including on-site assembly) costs $50 with guaranteed delivery within a one-hour time slot of your choice.

The earliest time-slot for deliveries is 1pm- 6pm and the latest time slot is 5pm-6pm. Certain locations may incur a surcharge.

The recipient of my order isn’t at home. What can I do?
The recipient has a 15 minute grace period to accept their delivery. If they can’t be at home, the package will be returned to our Tiong Bahru store. We try our best to accommodate same day re-deliveries however this is subject to the availability of our delivery schedule and delivery charges will apply. We always recommend giving the recipient a heads up about the delivery to ensure they don’t miss out!

I would like my order to be a surprise – can you leave my name out when making the delivery?
Sure! Just make sure to let us know and we can exclude your name and contact details from the delivery slip.

How should I store your cupcakes?
We do not refrigerate our cupcakes as it would change the texture of the cupcakes – leave them at room or air-con temperature for 2-3 days. Do note that Strawberry White Chocolate cupcakes must be consumed on the day of purchase as there are fresh fruits in the centre.

How long can I keep the cupcakes outside before I reach home?
Our cupcake frosting does not melt, however, it is best not to place the boxes under direct sunlight. If you are still exploring the area, we’ll be glad to hold your cupcake boxes for you in-store till you’re ready to head home!

I love your boxes, can I have an empty box? I’m willing to pay!
Thank you! However, we do not provide our boxes even for a fee. We’ll be happy to provide a box for you if you purchase some cupcakes or bakes, though.

How many cupcakes must I purchase for it to come in a box?
Our cupcake boxes can hold 2, 4, 6 or 12 cakes. If you purchase an odd-number of cupcakes, we will pack the last cupcake in a brown paper bag.

I don’t want my cupcake in a bag!
Unfortunately, our store policy is that we do not provide a box unless it is filled up. However, for 50 cents we’d be happy to provide a small box for your single cupcake.

Your cupcake frosting is not mixed properly – there are still sugar grains!
We use American Cream Cheese for our frosting, which is naturally more grainy and gritty than most other cream cheeses.

What are your bestselling flavours?
Our bestsellers are Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Strawberry White Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut!

Can you do a tiered cake for my birthday/wedding?
Sure! We love to bake 2 or 3 tier cakes – please send us an enquiry at order@plainvanilla.com.sg to gain a better idea of cost and transportation logistics.

How do I store my cake?
It is best to refrigerate your cake and bring out to room temperature 2-3 hours before serving.

Do your cakes come with candles/knife/happy birthday sign?
We provide candles, however, we do not provide happy birthday signs – we would be more than happy to pipe a Happy Birthday message on the cake though! We do not provide plastic knives – our cakes are best cut with a sharp, metal kitchen knife.

I have a last-minute event and I need a cake – do you have a whole cake in-store available for purchase?
Every weekend we sell cakes by the slice – if you’re early enough, you may get the entire cake, albeit sliced. We do not usually have cakes available on weekdays. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to place an order at least 2-3 days in advance.

How are your cakes packaged?
Our cakes packaged in a brown cardboard box – not unlike our iconic cupcake boxes! If you’d like to put your cake box in a bag, please note that we do not have large carrier bags available. We can tie the box with twine for you or you might like to bring a large paper bag or recyclable bag from home!

I’m hoping to order a large number of cupcakes, am I able to arrange a discount?
For cupcake numbers over 500, do email us at order@plainvanilla.com.sg for a better quotation.

Are you able to bake cupcakes in customised flavours?
Unfortunately no, at the moment!

I’m organising a themed party and am ordering cupcakes from you – can the cupcakes be baked in cupcake liners that I’ve bought?
Yes, just drop them off in-store!

Are your baked goods halal?
We are not a halal-certified establishment, and some of our baked goods explicitly contain alcohol (Dark Chocolate Rum Cherry Brownie, seasonal cupcake flavours). While we do not use gelatin or lard in any of our cupcakes, our Vanilla Bean cupcake and some other bakes contain pure vanilla extract, which has trace amounts of alcohol. It may also be helpful to note that we prepare our savoury food, which often contains pork as an ingredient, in the same kitchen as our baked goods.

Do you have nut-free cupcakes?
Most of our cupcakes do not have nuts in them, with the exception of Carrot and Chocolate Hazelnut. However, it may be helpful to note that we use peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts in our kitchen. Our monthly special flavours may also include nuts, and if so, will be indicated in the product information.

Are your cupcakes gluten-free or dairy-free?
We use ingredients containing gluten and dairy in most of our bakes. The only gluten-free bake on our menu at the moment is the Flourless Chocolate Cake so we suggest opting for that if you have gluten allergies.

Do you have any egg-free bakes?
Unfortunately, we use eggs in almost all of our bakes. The only bake without eggs is our Chocolate Honeycomb Tart. It’s delicious!

Do you have cupcakes suitable for diabetics?
Unfortunately, we do not bake diabetic-friendly cupcakes at the moment.

Can you bake cupcakes that are less sweet?
Unfortunately, we’ve unable to bake cupcakes that are less sweet as we don’t usually alter our recipes. However, as most of the sweetness is derived from the frosting, we recommend that you remove some frosting if you’d prefer a cupcake that is less sweet. Alternatively, our Dark Chocolate Ganache cupcake is a bittersweet option that might suit your palate.

Can I make a reservation?
We have a self-service policy and therefore we don’t take reservations. All our stores have seating available, with the largest seating area being at our Tiong Bahru store. Pop by and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect place to sit.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours vary from store to store – view our hours here.

How can I place an order?
You can place an order for same-day delivery or in advance (with two days’ notice) on our online Bakery here. For elaborate customisation orders, bulk orders and corporate enquiries, please drop us an email at order@plainvanilla.com.sg.

What measures does Plain Vanilla take to reduce its carbon footprint?
We believe in sustainability and work to reduce our environmental impact in as many ways as possible. Our store operations are built around environmentally-conscious and sustainable practices, such as phasing out the use of plastic in takeaway packaging, sending our food waste and kitchen scraps to a co-digestion facility, or working with Food Bank Singapore to redistribute unsold bakes to needy families.

We are also proud supporters of Muuse, a sharing network of multi-use cups and lunchboxes, at all of our stores.