Our Ethos

Taking Time

We honour home baking traditions and keep our recipes uncomplicated, but we take the time to get it bang-on perfect. We mull over spices, chocolate and fruits and deliberate on how to refine familiar flavours. We think real hard about what we put in front of you to eat, and about the experience you have while eating it. We take time – to acknowledge our customers as people rather than transactions, and to contemplate and act upon the impact we have on our customers, neighbourhoods, and the environment.


We believe in simplicity and appreciate natural and fuss-free ingredients and materials. We hope that we demonstrate this philosophy in the food we create, the spaces we invite you into, and in the selection of products we feature.


We believe in the importance of existing sustainably and put much thought into reducing our environmental impact. Our store operations are built around environmentally-conscious, green practices. We are proud to be using stainless steel straws in all our cafes, and are working towards phasing out completely the use of plastic in our takeaway packaging. Being a partner of Muuse, a reusable cup sharing network, helps us to encourage our guests to reduce the use of single-use cups as well.

We are eager participants of the nation’s pilot food waste co-digestion project, and work alongside other food establishments in sending our food waste and kitchen scraps to a co-digestion facility. Our unsold bakes at the end of each day are redistributed to needy families or the underprivileged by the good efforts of Food Bank Singapore. We also collaborate closely and frequently with social enterprises, such as Sowing Room and Pottery Central, to produce homeware goods under Plain Vanilla Home whilst supporting their honourable causes.