Chocolate Trio Box Set


Available for delivery or self-collection till 31 December 2021.

Our chocolates are made with single origin cacao from estates around the world. Perfect for the chocolate connoisseur, this trio gift set features one bar of single origin Ecuador 72% chocolate, and two seasonal festive bars inspired by flavours familiar to our bakery: the crunch of our housemade Gingerbread cookies, or a chocolate bar reminiscent of our now-retired Dark Chocolate Raspberry tart.

Each bar of chocolate is 45g.

Flavours & Allergens

Ecuador 72% - This single origin chocolate is nutty, creamy, with dark fruit notes and a hint of spice.

Gingerbread* - Nutty 72% Dominican Republic blended with house made spiced Gingerbread cookie crumbs.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate* - Caramelised brown sugar notes of 70% Tanzanian dark chocolate filled with house-made raspberry rose jam and studded with chunks of our chocolate shortbread tart pastry.

Flavours marked with an asterisk (*) contains gluten, and may contain traces of nuts and soy.