Box of 6 Cupcakes - Pick & Mix Flavours (Includes Specials)


For those with specific tastes, this box of cupcakes can be customised to include six of your personal favourites from our twelve mainstay flavours and two Monthly Specials.

Please note that only one of each flavour can be selected.


Select from the following mainstay flavours:
Salted Caramel - Caramel cake with salted caramel frosting and a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt flakes

Chocolate Hazelnut* - Dark chocolate cake with a smooth nutella filling, topped with a chocolate hazelnut frosting and whole hazelnuts

Red Velvet - Light cocoa buttermilk cake topped with a cream cheese frosting

Dark Chocolate Ganache - Dark chocolate cake topped with 70% bittersweet dark chocolate ganache covered in crunchy Valrhona cocoa nibs

Strawberry White Chocolate - Vanilla cake filled with fresh-cut strawberries, topped with a white chocolate frosting and freeze-dried strawberry slice

Earl Grey Lavender - Earl grey tea butter cake topped with a lavender-scented buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of tea dust

Milk Chocolate Chip - Chocolate chip-studded vanilla cake topped with a milk chocolate frosting and crunchy chocolate balls

Vanilla Bean - Vanilla bean cake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream frosting and a piece of housemade vanilla bean cookie

Milk Chocolate Banana - Spiced banana cake studded with dark chocolate chips, topped with a milk chocolate frosting and freeze-dried banana slice

Carrot* - Spiced carrot-walnut cake topped with a cream cheese frosting and a piece of walnut

Cookies & Cream - Chocolate cookie cake topped with a cookies-and-cream frosting

Cinnamon Brown Sugar - Spiced cinnamon and brown sugar cake, topped with a cream cheese frosting covered in cinnamon sugar 

Roasted Marshmallow Candied Orange (Monthly Special +$0.70) - Spiced orange-ginger cake with filled with a centre of candied orange compote, dark chocolate fudge and homemade marshmallow fluff, topped with toasted marshmallow frosting and a chocolate coated candied orange slice dusted with gold dust.

Maple Brown Butter Bourbon** (Monthly Special +$0.70) - Maple brown sugar cake with a maple bourbon whipped cream filling, topped with a browned butter-bourbon swirl buttercream and finished with a gold dusted, white chocolate-coated maple bourbon fudge.

Triple Chocolate Peppermint (Monthly Special +$0.70) - Dark chocolate peppermint cake with dark chocolate streusel base, filled with a milk chocolate custard, finished with a milk & white chocolate swirl frosting and a triple chocolate peppermint bark

Contains gluten, dairy and eggs.

Contains nuts (marked by *) and alcohol (marked by **) in some flavours.


Our cupcakes are best consumed on the day of or the next day of delivery for optimal taste. They can be kept for 2-3 days, although the longer they are kept, the less optimal the taste and texture. The only exception is Strawberry White Chocolate which should be consumed on the day of delivery.

As most of our cupcakes are butter-based, they are best kept at cool temperatures (for example, an air conditioned room) or at room temperature but away from direct sunlight. We do not recommend refrigeration of our cupcakes as once refrigerated, the texture of the cake never returns to its original soft texture.