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Our Brand Truths

Simple is satisfying

Eight hours of sleep. A long morning run. Having cake and a cup of coffee, uninterrupted. The kindness of a stranger. We believe life’s simple pleasures are the most satisfying. These everyday moments are often overlooked and pale in comparison to fancier pursuits, yet they have a way of bringing us great comfort and delight. This truth democratises the well-lived life and puts it within anyone’s reach, if only we could take time to savour it.

It’s why we endeavour to always serve simple food done consistently well – timely reminders that we too can live well-lived lives.

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Always add value, not noise

In a world of trend-fuelled options, societal expectations of success, and the perfectly edited, Insta-worthy life, the last thing we wanted to do was add to the noise. This truth captures our conviction to be considered in our decisions – even the smallest details – and create meaningful value in everything we do, or not do it at all.

Our journey towards quality without the gimmicks, stores without the clutter, and stories without the fluff might never end, but it’s a standard worth reaching for - one dish, one interaction and one piece of content at a time. After all, small things done in great love might just change the world.

The more we share, the more we have

Sharing has the power to keep on giving. We’ve seen it at work time and again through the generosity of our customers, the authenticity of our partners and the honesty of our team. They’ve inspired us to believe that businesses can do much more than make a living; they can serve others, uplift dreary days, turn dreams to fruition, and build family. Our 10-year journey has been enriched by sharing our lessons and the work of our hands with the people who share our enthusiasm – they’ve made us lucky enough to call them family.

meet the founder