Sprinkles Catalogue

We have a wide range of sprinkles available to decorate your cupcakes and cakes; browse the tabs below for the different categories. You can choose sprinkles in a variety of shapes and colours, or select a sprinkles pre-mix!

Sprinkles marked with an asterisk (*) are part of our premium range; additional charges apply.

R01 Colour Strands

R02 Chocolate Rice

C01 Jimmies Pearlized White


Piped Message & SprinklesSprinkles OnlyPremium Sprinkles Surcharge
Cupcakes$1 each
$10 for 12 on flat frosting
$0.50 on swirl frosting+$0.50
Mini Cupcakes-$0.20 on swirl frosting+$0.30
6" CakesAlong rim, no additional cost$12 on sides
$18 entire cake
+$4 on sides
+$9 on entire cake
9" CakesAlong rim, no additional cost$20 on sides
$30 entire cake
+$10 on sides
+$15 on entire cake
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