Mini Savoury Tarts Box of 14


Pâte Brisée moulded by hand into petite round tart shells, filled with a savoury egg custard and baked with a variety of seasonal toppings, our savory tarts are good for a high-tea spread, an afternoon snack or your little one's picnic lunchbox. Now available in bite sized versions, this Mini Savoury Tarts Box of 14 are perfectly portioned yet satisfyingly delicious.

Each of our mini savoury tarts is approximately 2.5" in diameter. Do note that each flavour is available in multiples of 2 mini savoury tarts.

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Choose up to seven of any of the following flavours:

Smoked Salmon & Dill
Pastrami & Onion
Ham, Asparagus & Gruyere
Roasted Pumpkin, Sage & Pine Nuts* (Vegetarian-friendly)
Goat Cheese, Mushroom & Leek (Vegetarian-friendly)

Contains gluten, dairy, and eggs. Contains nuts (marked by *) in some flavours.


Our savoury tarts should be consumed on the day of delivery for optimal taste.